VRAM problem

2022.01.18 08:32 plstax VRAM problem

So a couple patches ago I was able to run this game on medium settings it was great the bayou had never looked better (for me at least) but recently my vram has been peaking over the 90% threshold causing major problems with stuttering. I thought okay, I turn a few settings down problem solved. We’ll all my settings are on the lowest possible settings and I’m still peaking over 90% in various parts of a match. Any idea what’s going on? I don’t have a potato graphics card or anything it’s very mid.
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2022.01.18 08:32 kwadwoplays How Can I Make Your Aquaintance?

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2022.01.18 08:32 jcksnps4 Cool idea for the mini obelisk.

Accidentally made three mini obelisks and thought it would be cool if one could name them when they are placed. Then you could use them on your farm like the mining cart. Click one, and get a list like:
North Barn Silo Farmhouse
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2022.01.18 08:32 glintter This was actually accurate for me

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2022.01.18 08:32 ZoolShop Vitamin B deficiency: Symptoms include cracks around the mouth and scaly skin on the lips

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2022.01.18 08:32 Paranoid_ForLife Furnace runs 10 minutes per cycle, but kicks back on after 3 minutes… is this normal?

More info: thermostat is set to 73 and the temperature is holding. The house feels comfortable at this temperature- not cold or warm. House was built in the 60s and has an unfinished basement which is very cold.
I’ve been working on finding drafts and air sealing them. The big job today will be attempting to air seal the basement rim joists which should hopefully help the situation.
But is running every 3 minutes after a full cycle bad?… and is there a way to reduce the amount of times it runs per hour other than insulating better?
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2022.01.18 08:32 newsernium 💎 Battle of Lumia 💎| NFT-GAME | $LUS | Website launch in a few days | 🎮 5v5 NFT MOBA on Blockchain 🎮 | Join the future of gaming.

We have made it our mission to develop a high quality MOBA game, on the blockchain. We want to achieve this goal without looking like a cheap imitation of the greatest MOBA games to date. For the Battle of Lumia team, it is important to build a serious product of our own, and that is how we want to build our community.
Players are to immerse themselves in different maps and engage in exciting 5v5 battles, or explore the world of Lumeria with their Warriors. A land full of exciting tasks and spectacular battles.
Battle of Lumia will become a free-to-play and play-to-earn game where players can earn money. First and foremost, it doesn't matter how well you play, anyone can make money in BoL. However, the better and longer you play, the more you can earn. We want to use it to even out the chances that each player has. Until now, only the top MOBA players could earn money and the rest could only invest money in the game but never received anything in return. With BoL, the talent of each individual is recognized and rewarded accordingly.
Why Battle of Lumia?
Our intention is to develop a completely decentralized game. As we are convinced that the combination of gaming and blockchain will be the future. With our project, we want to become a big player in this exciting time of gaming revolution. The special thing about Battle of Lumia will be the cohesion with the community. Because this decides completely with and thus influences the course of the game.
At the moment, we don't see many high-quality games in the crypto sector, so we want to stand for quality with Battle of Lumia. We want to excite people with stunning animations and thus improve the fun of making money. With valuable and unique NFT's we want to arouse the customers' interest in the game.
We develop Battel of Lumia to provide equal opportunities in the world. We will create jobs for all those who make an effort. BoL will become a major employer in poorer countries that want to make money online. Furthermore, the blockchain game is supposed to enchant people with exciting battles and entertaining missions.
· We want to develop an economically important game
· It should be of high quality and inspire people with spectacular animations.
· Creating new jobs around the world.
· Building a decentralized community that will simultaneously play an important role in development.
Social links:
Website: Coming in a few days Twitter: twitter.com/BattleofLumia Discord: discord.gg/d8A9yRTMu9 Telegram: t.me/battleoflumia
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2022.01.18 08:32 FurnessPoker The Internet of Things

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2022.01.18 08:32 bulkazserem What’s the difference between NPD and Narcissistic Tendecies?

1,5 years ago I took npd test my therapist gave me, and she told me I only had narcissistic tendecies. She mentioned it few more times over the course of therapy, but about 6 months ago I finished it, and never asked her what exactly were narcissistic tendencies.
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2022.01.18 08:32 Willing-Clock-8884 HANNAH PALMER | Maximum

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2022.01.18 08:32 FurnessPoker COLLECTING CARS RECORDS 190% ANNUAL GROWTH WITH £135.5M SALES IN 2021

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2022.01.18 08:32 Sephardson Zora's Domain Appreciation Post: The Developers Absolutely Nailed This Beautiful Area

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2022.01.18 08:32 Sweatynewt227 D.VA learned to teleport

I haven't tried to recreate it, but I thought it was funny (Full Replay Code:T4M99K)
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2022.01.18 08:32 EDaggersV Struggling to find right workouts.

So, at my starting weight of 18stone, I started out with low impact, beginner workouts and as I’ve began to lose that weight, I transitioned into more active/intermediate low impact workouts. Now being at 12 stone, I have been doing more high intensity workouts, but still sort of low impact. I feel at times that the low impact isn’t as intense anymore, like it isnt doing anything for me.. however when we I would do high intensity workouts, I struggle so much. I’m always super out of breath that I have to give up on sets which makes me feel like that isn’t helping me. I’m just finding it hard to get a balance. I’ve been using YouTube pages such as Team Body Project and Juice and Toya.. if anyone has any channels they recommend, I can’t do sit ups or push-ups, so those videos feel useless to me!
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2022.01.18 08:32 temptraveller2022 Travelling to Georgia: Pre-Registration/Special Application Form

According to Georgia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with the websites of the UK, US, Germany embassies, it states that foreign visitors who are vaccinated do not need to fill out the pre-registration/special application form before departing/entering Georgia.
Today, I received an e-mail from the airline I am flying and it said the following: "Please note, in order to enter Georgia it is a mandatory requirement to fill out a pre-registration form online before departure.
The essential entry documents will have to be presented to the ground handling agents or bordehealth authorities at the airport, before embarking your flight."
Am I correct in thinking that I do not need to fill out the pre-registration/special application form since I am vaccinated...and that the airline is just simply wrong?
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2022.01.18 08:32 Narrow_Ant6038 So a bunch of Titans fans got butthurt because I posted this.. Not one on the Bengals page was offended. Yet the Karen’s on Tennesseetitans/r had a fit! I didn’t realize my own fan base of Reddit were a bunch of (P Words!)… See you guys Saturday… good luck! Titan up baby!

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2022.01.18 08:32 jaysonsommer18 Join the OF Leak World Discord Server!

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2022.01.18 08:32 xcitor [HIRING] Marketing Lead at MASQ Network

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2022.01.18 08:32 legendofpoke Question on wet liners

I recently got the Glisten Cosmetics water activated wet liners. I love the colors and pigmentation but as soon as I apply it and it dries I notice it starts cracking. After only a few hours it is flaking off. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if there is something I can do to prevent this! I also tried applying an eyeshadow base and applying a setting powder over my lids first but neither of those made a difference. Please help!
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2022.01.18 08:32 Natural-Exit-650 [Xbox][H] rare item list [W] offers

Pink Sweeper Aero Mage
Purple Goalkeeper Almas
Pink Paragon Almas
Exotic Crimson Almas
Fg Playmaker Almas
Exotic Saffron Almas
Burnt Sienna Sweeper Animus Gp
Tw Animus Gp
Cobalt Playmaker Animus Odd Fish
Birthday Cake Topper Set
Playmaker Breakout Type S
Lime Breakout Heiwa
Black Breakout Taniwha
Black and Lime Call Sign Banner
Black Tactician Cauldron
Sb Tactician Centio Gigapede
Tw Centio Machina
Crimson Goalkeeper Centio Splashback
Lime Striker Chantico
Black Victor Chantico
Burnt Sienna Scorer Comet
Striker Crl Northern
Black Datastream
Orange Turtle Datastream
Dimonix Inverted: Tw Tact, Tw Victor, Sienna Scorer, Orange Score, Cobalt Playmaker
Sb Dead Serious Banner
Sb Tactician Dominus Gt Staredown
Sienna Victor Dominus Funny Book
Purple Sweeper Dominus Mdga
Striker Proptosis
Grey Tact Endo Mummified
Lime EQ trail
Black Tact Fsl
Orange Geo Soul
Crimson Victor Grimalkin
Sienna Tact Gyre
Sienna Tact Hack Swerve 3
Tactician Helios Set
Crimson Striker Hexphase
Saffron Tact Jagr 619: XVI(Black, sienn both uncert)
Tw Striker Lonewolf
Paragon Kilowatt
Black Tact Kyrios
Sb Striker Laserwave 3
Sb Striker Libertine
Tw Lobo
Black Sweeper Lowrider
Black Tact Madness 2
Cobalt Tact Marauder:XVIII
Tw Aviator Masamume Kawaii
Sienna Merc Athena
Purple Striker Neo Thermal
Sienna Tact Octavian
Burnt Sienna Sniper Photon
Crimson Tacician Quimby
Grey Tactician Reactor
Tactician Octane Rl Esports
Tw Tact Rocket Forge II Holographis
Scorer Scary Pumpkin
Black Playmaker, Sb Striker, Saffron Victor Saptarishi
Lime Paladin Shaperacer
Black Striker Octane Slimline
Lime Tact Octane Slimline
Orange Tact Octane Slimline
Grey Scorer Octane Slimline
Cobalt Playmker Spiralis
Scorer Sienna Spiralis
Black Sweeper Takumi Stickerbomb
Scorer Takumi Combo
Black Striker Thanatos
Sb Tactician Tooon Sketch Boost
Lime Tactician Troika
Orange Sweeper Troika
Orange Tact Troiblemaker
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2022.01.18 08:32 AxelVossLover69 ;D

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2022.01.18 08:32 ZazaLeNounours GPU utilization and GPU frequencies

I noticed something strange with my GPU (3080 Ti FE) yesterday : I was playing God of War on my 4k TV, with DLSS in quality mode, framerate capped at 60 and V-sync enabled. I use Nvidia Frameview to have basic information regarding CPU and GPU utilization and temps, and that's where I noticed something weird : the GPU frequencies was low. And by low, I don't mean 1600 MHz instead of 1800 : I mean 800 Mhz, sometimes up to 1200 MHz. Meanwhile, the utilization of the GPU remained high (>80%) and the framerate was mostly locked at 60 with no dips. I then tried Control (RT on, DLSS quality, 60 FPS cap and V-sync), and the same thing happened, albeit with slightly higher freqs (~1400 MHz), and a framerate still locked at 60. I finally tried something that I knew would hammer the GPU, the 3D Mark RT test, and here the freqs and utilization of the GPU were both maxed out.
The Power management in the NVidia CP is set to "normal", if I switch to "Max perfs" the frequencies of the GPU remain maxed out, but its utilization is lower (~50%). Here are two screenshots of the same scene so you can understand better :
High frequency - low utilization :https://ibb.co/N7Nvyqb
Low frequency - high utilization : https://ibb.co/3kRFtr0
Is this a normal behavior ? I know this is the goal of the power management to lower the frequencies if they don't need to be maxed out, thus decreasing the power consumption and the temperatures, but is it supposed to go this low ? Was it always the case and I just didn't notice it before ? Should I just leave the power management set to "Max performances" and don't think about it anymore ?
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2022.01.18 08:32 AlienxMT Can someone identify these rocks? Can they be pieces of a meteorite? I found them in the woods, but no signs of impact

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2022.01.18 08:32 HasToLetItLinger Tangy Sourdough (slow/cold aged, no-knead)

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2022.01.18 08:32 La_knavo4 We stan a genderfluid king/queen/monarch!

Love you Osana Najimi! Thankfully I can simp over you without questioning my sexuality
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