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2022.01.18 08:15 PerilousPlatypus Last Spire

We all stood there, waiting on our fates.
There were only thirty of us this term. Too few. Not long past, there would be thousands. But now only thirty. Twenty-eight if you removed the two Heirlines -- they were exempted from the auction. Off to their cozy castles as the first borns of First Families. How very fortunate for the fortunate.
But that was the way of things, yes?
They would do their duty and we would do ours. The Blood was too thin for there to be any other outcome. We had gained our education, been protected from the horrors of coming into our magic, and the price was the Contract on the other side.
I sighed, the finery of my embroidered Abyssal robe chaffing against my skin. I disliked the encumbrances of formality, and fewer things could be more formal than the graduation uniform and the process playing out before us. I attempted to tune out the droning calls of the auctioneer as he proceeded down the list, though the slam of the gavel upon the completion of each deal made that quite difficult.
I suppose I should feel some pride. I would be the last auctioned, because I was expected to fetch the highest price. Pride of place. And a good thing for it, as far as the School was concerned. My training had been quite expensive -- there were so few Chaotic resources available this side of the Veil -- but even still the School expected to make a hefty return on its investment.
Five years of education.
Ten years of service.
I would be thirty before I breathed free, assuming I lived that long. That was long odds. No one bid on a bearer of a Black Book without intending some level of mayhem. There were too many other sensible and practical Bearers who possessed potential for things other than mischief and destruction. Not so for me. All of my spells bent in a single direction. Even now, I could feel the weight of the book at my hip, bleeding baleful malevolence into my surroundings. Trying to push and distort the world. To ruin it.
Did I hate my book? There's no simple answer. Yes. No. Both. It was a symbol of my mastery over my magic. For that I was thankful. I had contained my magic, distilled it into words and pages before it consume me. But the product of my labors was a vile thing. How much would I have given to be in another sect. To stand in verdant green robes. Or swirling blue. Or golden yellow. Or even white.
Yes. Even white.
Especially white.
My book stirred at the thought. I often felt it would be quite content to find another owner as well. One day it would. The book was mine so long as my heart still beat. When my life failed, it would be released to find another. I was not so fortunate. While nothing prevented me from gaining additional books, I could never be free of the one that came with mastery. I would be defined by it.
Hence the less than charming Abyssal robe. The only one of my class, calling me out for the outcast I was. A black mark amongst a sea of more appealing colors.
Chaos mage. Veilkin. Night Master.
These were not flattering terms. Never were they spoken with affection. Just warning.
This had made friendships difficult. The School was not a place of particular camaraderie, but one was expected to leave with at least one or two alliances of value. Fellow Bookbearers often found respite in the care of each other, and the School was where these relationships often kindled. I had begun my time in the School open to such entanglements, and others had been too, early on. Whatever desire they had quickly dwindled as the nature of my magic became clear.
It is a shame too, I'm quite personable, when someone is willing to treat me like a person. By now, whatever charm I might have once possessed had surely atrophied from disuse.
The gavel slammed.
A pall settled over the affair. I was familiar with that pall. It was a leading indicator that I had become the center of attention. I raised my head up, and drew the cowl back from my robe, revealing long blonde tresses and what I hoped was a carefully blank face schooled across my olive complexion. My mother had said I was quite a beauty. That I would have offers a plenty when I came of age.
I doubted she predicted that offer to come at the School Auction as opposed to the rather blacksmith's boy down the lane. We had none of the Blood in our family. Not until me.
Alas. The boy had been quite...robust. Ramlin, I think his name was.
The Auctioneer was looking at me expectantly. I pushed my shoulders back and took a step forward. After a quick swallow to clear my throat, I spoke out, raising my voice to ensure my announcement would be heard clearly throughout the gathering. It would not due for any of the bidders arrayed behind me to be unaware that the prize had arrived to the block.
"I am Terza of Laklia, graduate of this School and Bearer of the Black Book Entaos. I am ranked first in class in mana capacity. I am ranked second in class in spell acquisition. I am ranked first in class in power." I had been edged out in acquisition by a Brown Bearer, which was the expected outcome in most graduating classes. The Browns were adept at arcane scholarship, and what they lacked in capacity and power they more than made up for in breadth. That I should be even in the top five was remarkable for a Black Bearer. We had a tendency to go narrow and...impactful. "My education has taken me five years. In recompense to the School for its considerable expenditures on my behalf, I am available for a ten year contract."
The pall recommenced its presence as my speech drew to a close, though there was a rapidly building undercurrent of anticipation now. The particulars of my standing were known to all bidders in advance, but I expected it was one thing to review a scroll of graduates and another thing to see a living, breathing Veilkin in their midst. Of course, bidders were not the shy and feeble sort, but few could entirely cast out the nightmares of their youth when it stood in the flesh before them.
I did hope I made a more appealing sight than whatever horrors mothers had conjured in their young minds. I suspected I would be their first true experience with a chaos mage. Even before the Blood had run thin, we were quite rare. I had been informed that I was the first the School had produced in over forty-five years.
Perhaps that was why their stores of chaotic materials had been so thin. They had not planned on seeing my like again. The shortage had made mastery considerably more difficult. It is difficult enough to bind a piece of one's soul to the corporeal world in the best of circumstances. That difficulty was doubled when the materials were resistant -- which all things from this side of the veil would be to chaos.
Yes, Entaos had been a difficult birth. It was enough to put me off children entirely. Not that such a thing would be an option during the contract. The rules were quite explicit in that regard.
The Auction had begun. I could only watch the Auctioneer as my fate was decided by the bidders behind me. My contract holder was permitted whatever level of anonymity and interaction they desired, at least as far as I was concerned. The Auctioneer would call out a number. Wait a brief moment, and then call out another number.
Higher and higher.
Already twice the bid of the next higher graduate.
Then six times.
I shifted my weight, wondering why the Auctioneer did not increase the increment in order to decrease the amount of time we all stood waiting about for it to be resolved. But that was not the way of things. The increment was decided in advance, tied to some assessment of the status of the markets for such things.
In my boredom, I tried to summon some imagining of who the buyer might be. My imagination did not travel far as the answer was almost certainly as dull as standing before the Auctioneer. Some Lord or Lady who had fallen into desperate straits. Who had no other choice but to bid on a Black Bearer in hopes of shifting the rules of whatever game they were currently losing at. A quiver of revulsion welled up inside me as I pictured the years to come. I did not have any desire to slaughter and destroy innocents, regardless of what my book might imply to others.
The newer numbers came slower now.
Slower still.
Then they stopped. The Auctioneer called out in the customary manner.
"Once! Twice! Any others? Final coming!" The gavel slammed. "Sold, for the price of one thousand, eight hundred and fifty platinum ingots!" A murmur rippled through the bidders behind, and even I was taken aback. The number had grown considerably higher after I had commenced my daydreaming of my eventual purchaser. Whoever had bid was no minor Lord or Lady. The bid was worth more than whatever land it was meant to by my services to protect.
For the first time, I felt a desire to turn and see who had wagered such an extravagance on ten years of my time. But there were rules, and it would show poorly if I were to cross boundaries so quickly after coming into service.
The Auctioneer slammed the gavel a few more times, hammering the audience back into silence. He held up his hands. "I thank all bidders for their presence today. A truly tremendous affair." With the proceeds of this auction, the School will be even be in an exception position to continue providing services to all children with the Blood. Indeed, we will expand our scouting efforts in hopes of increasing the size of graduating classing to their former glory." His eyes darted quickly toward me when he mentioned the tremendous nature of what had transpired, but remained on the bidders otherwise.
"Per School custom, your Contractee Bearers will remain until they receive instruction otherwise. You are permitted to issue your first orders upon receipt and verification of the bid amount," the Auctioneer said. He then slammed the gavel once more. "Auction adjourned."
There was a rustling behind as the bidders presumably filtered out. Winners to complete their purchase. Others to return from whence they come. The twenty-eight graduates remained standing in the Auction Hall. I could hear whispers from some of the others, no doubt making promises to remain in contact or to gossip about the bidding prices. Having no friends, none were directed toward me. I hadn't thought any would be.
I did take the opportunity to mull over the number that had been for me. Trying to piece together who it might be. Perhaps it was a consortium. It was uncommon, but not unheard of. A group of bidders coming together and splitting the contract amongst themselves. Or holding me out as a joint resource for the duration of the contract.
The idea of ten masters rather than one was quite unsettling. I did not want to picture what ten people of means might want with a Black Bearer. Entaos felt suddenly heavier than usual at my side. A weight upon my soul despite having been removed from it.
My thoughts were interrupted quite abruptly by a thick hand falling atop my shoulder. I started and then jerked my head to the side, my right hand sliding up to touch the cover on Entaos. Generally, it was bad policy to touch Bearers. Terrible policy for ones clad in Black Robes.
Also, as a general matter, I preferred not to be touched. That hadn't always been my preference, but it had taken root in the fertile soil of my decomposing social skills.
As I swirled toward the interloper, invective stored upon my lips, I found my irritated rapidly replaced by confusion. Then curiosity. I was not staring at a person. At least not in any conventional sense. He appeared to be some figment of imagination, drawn into the corporeal from realms beyond. He was a giant mountain, standing a full head and half higher than me and twice as wide. The considerable frame of his body was ensconced in a great artifice of metal plate. For all the enormity of its structure, I almost could not discern the plate at first, obscured as it was by the intricate etchings in its surface, all aglow with the golden gleam of enchantment.
Poking through the top of the breastplate was a worn face, covered by a carefully manicured beard and a set of scars running in parallel lines down one of his cheeks. His eyes were blue, but they appeared green as the caught the glow from his plate.
I looked up at him. I blinked. I swallowed. I found an ounce of slow composure.
He was kind enough to give me that moment.
"A Runeknight?" I asked, the words sounding ridiculous as they left my mouth.
He offered the faintest of nods. "Aye. A Runeknight."
"And you..."
He nodded once more. "I did. T'was a close thing too. Both in the comin' and in the winnin'." His massive shoulders shrugged the plate upward, "Only so much platinum a wagon can carry without breakin' an axle or a horse's back. Should 'ave brought a caravan I 'spose." He gestured back toward where the bidders had assembled. "The Lords of Cranbrook weren't happy in the least."
This was a lot. As far as I knew, there were no Runeknights. Not any more. They had disappeared once the Cleanse had been completed. Some said their magic had died with the last of the Heartseekers. That they had laid down their plate once their great task had been done.
And yet here I was, standing face-to-face with one. I managed to recover my shock enough to offer a quick bow and begin to recite the Contractee Recitation. "I am pleased to be of service--"
I was cut off by a gruff grunt. I hazarded a peek up at the steel in front of me. "None of that. Not how it works among us."
I straightened up warily. The Contractee Recitation was an affirmation of obedience. A reminder to both me and the Contractor that I was indebted and in service. It was also a reminder of the limits on that Contract for both of us. A mutual protection. Now I was being waived off. Surely the School would have notified me if an amendment had been purchased. Though, with the amount bid, perhaps I was just assume such an unhappy event had occurred. Still, it made little sense--
Another grunt sounded out, interrupting my mental spiral. "You got a lot o' gears turnin' in there, don't you?" He asked.
I was not sure how to respond to that. Thankfully, it appeared to be an inquiry of the rhetorical sort.
"Ain't no one forced into it. Don't work that way. Veil will tear your soul to shreds." He nodded to himself. "Willing. Needs to be. Have to have those eyes wide open. Can't shut 'em, even for a second. Not if you're going to survive there."
This all sounded very grim. Also confusing.
"Survive where?" I asked, it being the logical thing to ask about.
"Last Spire," he said, a rumble entering into his grumble.
It was unclear whether those two words were supposed to trigger some manner of reaction from me. They did not. Not knowing what else to say, I opted for neutrality. "I see. And I am to go there?"
"Only if you're willing."
"And what is my alternative?" Perhaps my contract would be assigned to another. He would not be able to recover the entire amount of his original bid, but it would still be a hefty percentage. Enough to give that horse problems on the way home. There was no guarantee the assignee would be better than this Last Spire, largely because I had no idea how to make such a judgment with the present information.
"Not coming," he replied.
"Very helpful," I replied, the snark escaping my lips before I could pull it back. It was generally unwise to develop an attitude when one's Contractor. There could be consequences.
Instead, he smiled down at me, his bushy brows arched up in amusement. "Wasn't sure what I'd be gettin' out of you, truth be told. Knew we'd be getting a Black Bearer, because that was the purpose o' comin' you see. But glad you're more than the book you carry." He tilted his body forward now, pressing one gauntleted fist to his chest with a dull thunk. "I am Dranok, Protector of Spires, Runeknight and any number of other fancy names. Pleased to meet you."
I managed to scrabble together my manners enough to return the short bow. "Terza of Laklia, Bearer of the Black Book Entaos." I paused and looked up at him once more. "I have not heard of a Protector of Spires."
Dranok nodded, "Dinnae expect you have. They're not of here."
Mysterious. I decided to proceed, seeing as my life and future were at stake. "Where are they from?"
"Beyond the veil," he replied, his voice quieter now. "Stretching out into the dark, holdin' it all at bay and the Heartseekers with it."
My throat was suddenly dry. It was also very hot. And I was suddenly moist. From sweat. "And you...are guarding these spires?"
He shook his head. "Just spire now."
"Last Spire?" I asked, putting two and two together.
"Last Spire," he repeated.
"And what do you need me to do? Help you protect it?"
He snorted, "Wish it were that simple." He paused now, sorting through the words. "Last Spire will fall, the same as the others. What we are doin' isn't gonna be enough. The Veil is too heavy." Dranok made a gesture toward me now, "Can't be defense no more. No where else to run. Last Spire is the last bit holdin' back another Feast. It needs repairs. It needs more spires."
"You bid on the wrong graduate then. The Grey Books or Gold Bearers would have been better."
"Naw. We have that part handled. What we don't have is someone who can push the Veil. Need a Black Bearer for that." He let out a long, wistful breath. "Lost ours. Needed another. But not many gettin' born. Not with the veil beyond the Spire. Lucky enough to have you born. Probably on account of it pressin' in so hard."
"Push the Veil?" I said, stupefied.
Dranok nodded. "Lot to ask, but ain't no other choice. We've searched. No one else has a Black Book. It's you or the Spire."
That sucked.
Platypus OUT. PerilousPlatypus
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2022.01.18 08:15 KittenDealinMama OP's BFF Wants To Bring Her Baby On Their Girls Trip

Original December 2, 2021
AITA for not inviting my best friend on a girls trip?
I (22F) and my girls go on a girls trip every December since we all have breaks from Uni. We’re a group of 6 girls and have been doing this since we were 18. We weren’t able to go last year cause of covid. My best friend (21F) has 14 month old son. Since her son was born, we haven’t had a day alone with her, which I guess is understandable because she is a new mum.
We tried to include her in all the plans we had since having her child but noticed she would always ask if we could change what the plan was to accommodate her baby coming too. This meant the plan was almost always a coffee shop. I genuinely didn’t mind changing all of the plans to be more child friendly, and just assumed she couldn’t get her man or parents to watch her baby for a while.
I called her a few weeks ago to ask if she wanted to come to a club with us and she asked if we could go to a coffee shop instead so she could bring her baby. I asked if there was no one who could watch her baby (she lives with her husband who works from home, and her in laws), to which she replied that she’ll feel insane mum guilt if she goes to a club and leaves her baby at home. I said I understood but that I really needed a night out, but we could do coffee the next day. She texted me the following day asking why I had such a big problem having her child around. I was baffled because I’m the one constantly changing plans to accommodate her son, but I asked her to understand me for one night. I really needed a night out and didn’t want to be in a coffee shop. She sounded agitated by my reasoning but left it at that.
Now… the girls trip is coming in a week. I didn’t really tell her about the trip because I knew she couldn’t come alone but she heard it from another friend. She jokingly asked why I didn’t invite her to which I laughed off because I felt so awkward. I told her she was welcome to come as always and I would love to have her there. I thought the call was an indication that she would come alone.
She called the next day to ask if the resort we were going to be staying at was child friendly. I said it wasn’t as we were looking for more of a club atmosphere and that’s what it was. She then said she couldn’t make it then if it wasn’t going to properly accommodate her son in the activities we do. I said I understand and that I’m sorry. I got a call from her older sister last night calling me all sorts of names because I didn’t want my best friends son to come on the girls trip and that I’m being childish. I’m genuinely still in such shock and don’t know how to even type what I’m feeling right now.
We haven’t had proper fun together in ages because it’s either we’re too busy caring for my best friends baby, or a few of us were missing because of covid etc. This is the first time we’ve all been together since we graduated undergrad and started our masters. We’ve been having hectic years and just wanted one carefree holiday.
So, Am I the asshole for wanting our annual girls trip to actually be a girls trip?
Edit - I tried to hint once that I wanted my birthday a few months ago to be just us but she laughed it off and made a joke about how her and her son are attached by the hip and she couldn’t leave him. She asked if we could minimise how much alcohol there was going to be so she could bring her son.
Update 5 weeks later
So.. for anyone who read my previous post and shared their advice, thank you and here’s an update.
So we went on our girls trip and had the best week we had since before covid started. We all kind of chose to not speak about the issue with our friend and just have a good time, and sort out the issue when we got back home. The day after we got back, I texted my best friend and asked if we could come over and see her and her son and also to deliver the gifts we had gotten them during the trip. She read the message and hadn’t replied for 3 days. I called her husband just to ask if she was ok and he said she was and he doesn’t know why she wasn’t responding to me. Anyway I decided not to double text as I didn’t want to nag her.
She texted back after 3 days with an essay like response explaining how disappointed she felt that I thought she would give up days of motherhood just to drink and “be a skank”.. good to know what she thinks of us then lol.
She ended the message by saying she and her husband are trying for another baby and she doesn’t have the mental capacity to deal with our “crap”. After which, she left all the group chats and blocked us all on every social media platform.
So… Thats that I guess. Best friends since year 4 and this is how our friendship has ended. Still baffled to be honest, but maybe it was for the best. Hoping I’ll see the good in this one day.
Thank you so much to everyone that responded, and happy new year lovelies :)
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I have many shortcuts that accept text as the shortcut input. But there are some shortcuts that I only use in certain apps. Is there a way to show certain shortcuts in the share sheet only in specific apps?
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2022.01.18 08:15 SpecialistSalad134 seeing dmt entities after waking from nightmare

I woke up from a nightmare which wasn't really scary until the very end where a lady grabbed my passenger side car mirror and screamed into my car.
But when I woke up I saw a jester mask was kinda demonic looking and it started playing with puppet strings and dmt colors were bursting out of him. I told them to go away and they left but I felt a pretty strong pressure in my head when did.
Anyone experiance things like this sober? Have only taken dmt once and it was 4 months ago
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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.18 08:15 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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I recently got into editing and was wondering what I could change in my editing. I'm currently editing some old clips that I have recorded. Here's my most recent video: [https://youtu.be/yn9KDtLatsc]. Any criticisms or advice would be appreciated.
Self review: The part with the 1v1 I would like to speed it up but I not sure how to.
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Guys i purchased thsi game long ago but i am not able to find any online matches,Can anyone help me?also add me so that we can play together. Steam id:- YURILING SFV is:-76561198403943034
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Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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