2022.01.18 08:00 ToastieMcToastToast h22568185

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2022.01.18 08:00 Alarmed_Zucchini PSA this week will either end in a major W or a major L

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2022.01.18 08:00 GoodDysfunctional Experiment 1 - 0

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2022.01.18 08:00 BM2018Bot Daily Discussion Thread: January 18, 2022

VoteDem Quick Start Guide We need your help in getting Dems across the finish line both for upcoming elections and elections further down the road. Every little bit helps in keeping the blue wave going!
This is a quick-start guide of sorts with actions that you can take to help our sub in our mission to elect Dems in 2021 and beyond! We have actions below that take 30 seconds or 1 hour.
Something for everyone, even if you’re living abroad!
30-Second Action

Social media is one of the ways that we can have a huge impact. Not only is the interactions on our social media one of the ways that we're able to connect with candidates, but many of these local and special elections have low turnout just because people don’t know that they’re happening! Amplifying voting reminders via likes and retweets go a long way!
Same as helping the word spread about us and our mission is important, one of the key aspects in any election is simply getting the word out!
3 Minute Actions We use the survey to notify you of important volunteer opportunities in your area, and to remind you of upcoming elections!
Our Candidate Fund dubbed “Build Our Bench” gives money to Democrats that are running in special elections or local elections where funding tends to be extremely limited. Money sent here is extra powerful in getting change to happen locally.
Our County Fund dubbed “Trade the Traitors” focuses on county Dem parties in districts where the Republican voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election.
5 Minute Actions Many county parties have plenty of events that could use additional volunteers, or have an upcoming election that you didn’t even know about! Keeping up to date with them is the best way to stay in the loop.
One of the most time consuming efforts is looking for local elections, and many times races get missed. Checking to see if your city, county, or city are having elections goes a long way! If you see any races that we aren't covering in our election sheet or the sidebar Send us a mod mail!
1 Hour Actions Volunteers are the backbone of any campaign, and having a dedicated volunteering team can make even the most partisan of races competitive if done right. Our volunteering sheet contains sign up links for Phonebanking, Textbanking, post card writing etc. for all sorts of races. If you aren’t certain about what phonebaking is or how to get started. We have a handy guide to phonebanking that you can read to get up to speed!
One of the biggest ways that campaigns are run/elections won is via swaying public opinion to a degree. While newspapers have lost a bit of their readership over the years, millions of Americans still read them, and are ripe to promote democrats in.
Information bubbles are real, and a poll came out that showed that Only 50% of rural Americans know that Democrats voted to send them stimulus checks. Many Americans get their preconceived notions of Democrats from Fox News, Newsmax, Facebook, or their local paper. Sometimes all that is needed is a single piece that goes against the norm for said norm to come crumbling down. Write about a local Dem that you’re excited for, what the county party is doing that is good, write about how the American Rescue Plan has affected your life, or how the Biden admin in general has affected your life. Plenty of topics are there to cover, and it can play a major role.
For an example of an op-ed if you’re unsure of how to write said pieces, read this one written by one of the votedem mods
Abroad/International users Do you live outside of the United States but still want to help get Democrats elected? You can!
IMPORTANT REMINDER: International individuals are not permitted to donate to any election organizations or candidates. International individuals are permitted to volunteer however.
If there are any other actions like the above that you think should be added, please feel free to Send us a mod mail with your idea!
Next Section: How to Support your Local Democrat
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2022.01.18 08:00 RMG-Moderator-Bot Tuesday's Show Thread - January 18, 2022

Use this thread to talk about today's show. Or don't. I'm a robot. Beep Boop.
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2022.01.18 08:00 qznc_bot2 Arxiv.org reaches a milestone and a reckoning

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2022.01.18 08:00 LeoAstrology Daily Leo Horoscope - Jan 18, 2022

On days like today it's important to take time out to reflect upon the events of the past few days, Leo. Is it possible you've decided to change certain things about yourself and your behavior? If you could just devote a few minutes a day to all the little details in your personality, the changes will go much more smoothly. The atmosphere today may help you think about this.
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2022.01.18 08:00 hu3k2 ホームオートメーションプラットフォームSpaceCore提供のアクセルラボが7億円調達、人材採用・開発強化 | TechCrunch Japan

ホームオートメーションプラットフォームSpaceCore提供のアクセルラボが7億円調達、人材採用・開発強化 | TechCrunch Japan submitted by hu3k2 to Newsoku_L [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 08:00 Six1372 Me when someone complains about this subreddit

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2022.01.18 08:00 AnimatedPixelArtBot Toxic

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2022.01.18 08:00 Arnadus Most trending cryptos today so far

Crypto Number of users mentioning it
BTC Bitcoin 728
ADA Cardano 391
ETH Ethereum 370
LRC Loopring 213
CRO Crypto.com Coin 184
MATIC Polygon 97
ALGO Algorand 86
ATOM Cosmos 72
USDT Tether 68
SHIB Shiba Inu 62
DOGE Dogecoin 59
ONE Harmony 57
SOL Solana 53
XMR Monero 46
LUNA Terra 37
USDC USD Coin 37
DOT Polkadot 35
FTM Fantom 33
XNO Nano 32
LTC Litecoin 30
CEL Celsius 26
BCH Bitcoin Cash 24
AVAX Avalanche 24
XLM Stellar 21
CKB Nervos Network 20
VET VeChain 19
AXS Axie Infinity 16
UST TerraUSD 16
AMP Amp 13
DAO DAO Maker 13
ROSE Oasis Network 12
XTZ Tezos 12
UNI Uniswap 11
GRT The Graph 11
GODS Gods Unchained 11
COMP Compound 10
ERG Ergo 10
GALA Gala 10
ELON Dogelon Mars 9
SAND The Sandbox 9
TWT Trust Wallet Token 9
KDA Kadena 9
ACH Alchemy Pay 9
STRK Strike 9
KAVA Kava 9
NEXO Nexo 9
Brought to you by Cryptos Alerting
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2022.01.18 08:00 physicalgeographybot No evidence of human disturbance to vegetation in the Zoige Region (north-eastern Tibetan Plateau) in the last millennium until recent decades

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2022.01.18 08:00 Top_Weekly_Bot Top post from r/orlando | Look at these chodes on 441/44 in Mt. Dora | Jan 18 2022

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2022.01.18 08:00 mystix184 What are you excited most about today?

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2022.01.18 08:00 vvillehelm Trump Voter Feels Betrayed By President

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2022.01.18 08:00 Toffiee06 Advertising social issues in another country tips

Has anyone ever experienced advertising in another country?
Currently we are only authorised to advertise in the UK but we have a client that might want to advertise in Poland. I know that you need to get authorised to advertise in that country, is there a way to do it without confirming or do you know the best way around it since we currently do not have offices and workers who can advertise in other countries other than the UK.
Suggestions welcome. We might go to the USA as well at some point which works from that point of view as they'll be someone there to do it, but it's just times when we get potential clients who want to do other places. Thanks in advance
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2022.01.18 08:00 erer1243 Currently, it's January 18, 2022 at 06:00AM

Currently, it's January 18, 2022 at 06:00AM
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2022.01.18 07:59 BlueGrapeSyrup Leafy is just the male Witney Winscon

Nasty disgusting sell out. Does his brother only sell Xanax or does he also sell Fantanyl that he passes as heroin as well ? Why not Elefantanyl, that's even cheeper and more lethal, people all go zombie in the streets when high on it.
See here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nZaNc-DZA0
No respect for people like these.
Next time you try to impersonate : WE DO NOT LIKE YOU OR RESPECT YOU. Real one will never simp on someone as disgusting. People were trying to smoothly hint recently, but you too dense to comprehend. Fuck off with your fakers. Hope YOU OD on that dope you're selling out to your viewers.
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2022.01.18 07:59 Amandinha_silvax2 Brotheragem

Meninos, já conversei várias vezes com uns amigos meus (ou até msm primos) e mts deles falam que quando criança sempre rolou alguma brotheragem, vcs curtem isso de fato?
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2022.01.18 07:59 x1e0p7057 online classes special

proper utilisation of Google translate in online classes
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2022.01.18 07:59 arrthropod Natural rare earth Lanthanum(La) crystal structure by Pourrioscope! https://minerals-pourrioscope.com

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2022.01.18 07:59 Odd_Fix9975 [Battlefield 2042] Birds evolved so they don't need to swing their wings anymore. [x-post from r/battlefield]

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2022.01.18 07:59 NoPhilosopher2892 کسشر میم#1🗿

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